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Community Discord Server

Join the LBRY community server where you can get technical support or meet new people. You can always contact me Madiator2011 # 2793

Source Code

Here you can find the source code for this project. You can download it and improve it, or just check how it works.


You can support project by donations.

Special thanks to

Tom Zarebczan

Tom Zarebczan

LBRY Community Support and Engagement

Special thanks for him. He helped me a lot with LBRY Pi project trying to find bugs and solve problem. Thanks a lot bro :)



LBRY Community Director

Special thanks for her for sponsoring this website, and also helping with promoting LBRY Pi TV project! Thx :)



First BetaTester

Special thanks for him for being first beta tester of LBRY Pi TV app. Helped me a lot and he is always reporting bugs he founds :D